The Process

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1. Income of more than rent X3;

2. Good residential landlord references, last 3;

3. Same employment for more than 1 year;

4. No criminal history of weapons or violence;

Not being fully qualified does not deny applicant!  It MAY not qualify them for promotional offers.

We are committed to supporting the Fair Housing Act and will not discriminate in housing based on race, religion, age (above 18) or sex.

YOU MUST DISCLOSE ON YOUR APPLICATION IF YOU HAVE A PET, A SERVICE ANIMAL OR AN EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL.  Each property owner has the right to establish how many pets - if any - can be allowed in a rental.  Usually no more than one pet per rental allowed. 

1) Any applicants who have NO local rental history (meaning they have lived with family, friends or anyone without being on a lease) YOU WILL be required to put down a double NORMAL deposit. Normal deposit = 1 months rent. 

3) Any prospective tenant who has NO local rental history, does not disclose their rental history and has any undisclosed criminal history or evictions in the last several years will not be accepted.  Omission (not telling us) is the same as lying.  

5) We do require that you provide at minimum the last 60 days pay stubs or proof of income to be considered for tenancy.  Attach it to your application. 

6) We reserve the right to deny move in assistance. 

7) We require that security deposit be made by money order (certified funds) only, and that future rent payments be made by either money order or online payment only.  If you do not / can not pay online, you will need to MAIL your rent to us.

8) We accept the FIRST QUALIFIED APPLICANT for available rentals. 

9) APPLICATION FEE:  Applicants who have lived outside of Iowa may be required to pay an application fee of $30 per adult.  This is non-refundable and covers the cost of a background check.

10.  IF we agree to a co-signer, the co-signer MUST be from the area, complete an online application and be equally qualified.

11. 1 year or Month to Month lease may be offered at the discretion of the property owner or property manager.  

12.  We have a minimum of 30 days to accept or deny your application.

13.  Co-Signers must live LOCALLY and be able to qualify as if applying on their own.   Applicant cannot be residing at / owing their own home AND be applying.  Single residency is required. 

14. ANIMALS:  An ESA (Emotional Support Animal) Or a certified service animal is not a "pet", and exempt from most restrictions. Proper documentation from the applicant and their IOWA CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER is a must. Pets, where allowed by property owners, are allowed for an additional fee per month. It will be added to the rent and counted as rent moving forward from day one of tenancy. Where increasing rents is not allowed by other rules or laws, a pet processing fee of not more than 1/2 of one month's rent will be required PER ANIMAL. Vaccination Shots, licensure, and other restrictions may apply.  ONE ANIMAL per residence allowed,  unless otherwise required by law or agreed upon in writing. 

Notification of rejection:  Denied applicants will be notified by email after confirmation of tenant information

Resident Selection Criteria
We will consider accepting as a tenant any adult who submits an accurate, complete application for an available home; meets the standards set forth on this page and agrees to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by Management. We support the Fair Housing Act as amended, prohibiting discrimination in housing based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, handicap, age or familial status. Every person 18 years & older must submit an application. FIRST QUALIFIED applicant will be selected. INACCURATE INFORMATION ON THE APPLICATION WILL BE CONSIDERED THE SAME AS LYING ON YOUR APPLICATION, resulting in denial. If you "own your own home" or still  reside in an existing lease not coming to term, you will not be considered. 

Income / Employment Requirements:
The monthly rental rate cannot exceed 1/3 of the combined resident's monthly household (means can be more than 1 adult combined income) total disposable income (net, after taxes). Applicants must prove income via current pay stubs from a local company or equivalent for 1 year. The income verified must be stable and not be temporary or seasonal work. Unverified income for the past year causes the deposit to double. Unemployment, FIP and Child Support are not considered income. Inconsistent employment may jeopardize your acceptance. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU HAVE BEEN EMPLOYED OR NEWLY EMPLOYED FOR UNDER ONE YEAR the deposit can be double.  

 Rental History Requirements:
Applicants must indicate name, address, and telephone number of current and previous 2 landlords. We will verify current & previous rental history. Applicants with negative rental history may not be accepted. Examples of negative history include but are not limited to evictions, default of lease, non-payment of rent, or damages to home or apartment. If negative rental history is accepted, deposits will be double. Accepted applicants with no rental history, deposit will double, and must meet the income requirements.

Criminal History Requirements: (Recent = within the past 3 years or so. Does NOT include jail time.)
1. Recent criminal convictions that involve moral turpitude, integrity or honesty will not be accepted.
2. Recent criminal convictions that involve physical violence, the show / use / displaying of weapons or endangering the health or safety of another person will not be accepted.
3. Recent criminal convictions in connection with the manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance will not be accepted.
4.  Applicants with recent multiple misdemeanors may not be accepted.


1.  Unverifiable or insufficient income.  Must be rent X 3 or more;

2. Bad landlord references;

3. Criminal history of violence and / or weapons;

4. Lies or undisclosed information;

"The Process"

MUST apply online​
Info verification
Background check
Proof of income / assistance

Application(s) approved
Deposit (money order ONLY)
Lease documents signed
Rent  (money order ONLY)

This list is a guideline only and not absolute.  There is always something that needs to be considered...