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As property managers we have a special insight into what an investor is looking for in order to increase their portfolio.  We have had wonderful success in helping our current and new owners find great investment properties at a great price.  
We have also had owners who are interested in selling their current rentals with the desire to try some newer or different kinds of rentals.  Again, we have had great success in assisting them with their goals as well.
Let us help you increase your portfolio of rentals and profitability.  
After purchase, we would be honored to become your property managers and help you grow your investment by keeping the rentals filled with qualified tenants.

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"Your Success Becomes Our Success"

Mark Pregler (Co-Owner of Pregler Properties) is the past president of the Black Hawk Landlords Association where he was president for three years, and we are still very active members.

This keeps us in the loop on what is going on at the State level for laws, rule changes and notices that will affect our industry as a whole.

When tenants call us at our 888 number, the call is recorded - whether we answer or not.  

The message gets EMAILED to us.  If the message is of importance, liability, maintenance or cost to the owner, we can forward a copy to the owner BY EMAIL!!  No more "he said / she said" or guessing who is telling the truth!  

Calls monitored 24 / 7.

  • Mark Pregler - Licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Iowa 
  • Kris Pregler - Licensed Real Estate Sales Person in the State of Iowa 
  • Online Property Management Software available 24/7
  • Calls are recorded for Quality Assurance​
  • Flexible Property Management Commission Rates

From marketing your rentals, to personally doing showings, accepting and processing applications, background checks, verification of income & employment, verification of rental history, every step of the way!  

When a deposit is accepted and a lease is signed, we all get a digital copy emailed to us - including copies of the background check, proof of income, application -