Mailing Address:  PO Box 1602 - Waterloo IA 50704
Office Location:  3641 Kimball Ave, Ste 104, Waterloo IA 50702

​Mark Pregler - Real Estate Broker
Kris Pregler - Real Estate Agent
Licensed in the State of Iowa

What sets us apart?  NEW INFORMATION:

Welcome to my mind...   When something negative happens, like losing a property owner / customer, we take some time to reflect and make sure we are doing everything we promised and at a competitive price.  WE also believe we do more than most other property management companies. We recently lost a beloved customer to a "new" property management company.  In October. we pointed out this company they had no office, which they gave as a "selling point" at one of their first presentations.  This is against the Iowa Real Estate Commissions requirements.  They soon had an office.  Then we went to their website to see if they were offering something different or exciting we weren't aware of.  Nope. But they had a lot of "double-speak" about how they charge owners...   No re-sign up fees (we don't either) and only charge owner when they collect rent (as do we).   We've been told they have as many as 8 'employees".  did you know that only a licensed realtor or Broker of attorney can show your rentals?  That another thing that sets us apart from others is we PERSONALLY show your property.  Other property management companies ask for an ID, make a copy of it and hand over keys - the prospects walk through your property UNACCOMPANIED!    We record our tenants phone calls with their knowledge and consent - again, to preotect all parties.  We often ue these in court, when it comes to that!

1.   888 - 508 - 6188:  DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!  When tenants call us at our 888 number, the call is recorded - whether we answer or not.  The message gets EMAILED to us.  If the message is of importance, liability, maintenance or cost to the owner, we can forward a copy to the owner BY EMAIL!!  No more "he said / she said" or guessing who is telling the truth!  Calls monitored 24 / 7.

2. Online Property Management Software:  Owner and tenant portals allow each to access their own information 24 / 7.   

3.  We do it all.  From marketing your rentals, to showings, to accepting and processing applications, background checks, verification of income & employment,  verification of rental history, every step of the way!  When a deposit is accepted and a lease is signed, we all get a digital copy emailed to us - including copies of the background check, proof of income, application - Everything!

4. Maintenance / Emergency Service Calls:  Mark Pregler (Owner of Pregler Properties) is the past president of the Black Hawk Landlords Association where he was president for three years.  We are still members of this Association and through our association with this group we have collected a good number of quality vendors from all fields of maintenance.  

5.  Before move in inspection pictures are taken of every rental and shared with owner, tenant and property manager.  No guessing how it looked upon possession by tenants.

6.  Deposit disposition letters out within 30 days of vacating - as per 562A

7. We are members of the Landlords of Iowa.   This keeps us in the loop on what is going on at the State level for laws, rules changes and notices that will affect our industry as a whole.  Keeping well informed is the best way to stay alive in the game against too much government!

8. Our Property Management Agreement is drafted right from the Iowa Real Estate Commission.  WE ARE LEGAL - Is your property manager?